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The table of plants IV

What is the Plants Table?

Similarly to the way homeopathy relates to the concept of mineral arrangements to human pathology, one can use the botanical systematics (the order that strives to describe the known evolution progress of the plants) to create such a developmental concept.
USING the botanist Cronquist systematics, The evolutional progress of the plant kingdom can be arranged in table form, similar to the mineral table. Every group of plants in the table (by Botanical Order) describes a convergence of 2 axis of two axis of development, with physiological, emotional and mental contest.

Each remedy in that group describes a variation on the themes that arise. The table provides a scheme that connects between plant development stages to human developmental stages – from birth to old age: from unity to individuality.

The plant table explains the traits of groups of plants, small remedies and new provings. Even our cases can be understood more clearly, and the homeopathic prescription improved.

Visit of the Berlin Botanical Garden together with Dr Yakir on Monday the 11th May.
The issues of the seminar will be: the 2nd column of the dycots and some of the 3rd column,
the cactus-group with cases to demonstrate.

Friday 9th to Sunday 11th October 2015

The issues of the seminar will be: the 4th column


In 2016 will be the next seminar on 20th to 22nd of May.

About Dr Michal Yakir

Dr Michal Yakir (PhD, RCHom), a classical homeopath, is former chair and present member of the managing Committee of the Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy, and editor of the association’s professional magazine „Homeopathic Times“. She teaches homeopathy at Campus Broshim Homeopathy School in Tel Aviv. Practicing Homeopathy for over 20 years, she specializes in Women’s health problems.After receiving her BA in Botany, Master’s degree in Biology and Ecology, she conducted a PhD research in Homeopathy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Medicine.

In her Doctoral thesis she examined the efficiency of Homeopathy in a clinical research of women’s problems. The research has been presented in Israel and abroad, in several seminars and congress, and published. (To read Research results – press here).

Based on her experience as a former botanist and current homeopath, Dr. Yakir developed the subject of the Order of plants in Homeopathy. Her book: “Order of plants – Amazing systematic” describes the relationship of plant evolution and morphology to human development and pathology, and is currently being translated into English.

Interview with Dr Michal Yakir: The Table of plants

Classical Homeopathy and the Alchemy of Healing as a transformative process

Classical Homeopathy and the Alchemy of Healing as a transformative process


This seminar focusses on vitalizing ancient knowing.    

We will explore soul healing knowledge embedded in the archetypes of the ancient world: Isis, Horus, Osiris, Mary, mother of Jesus, Maria & Magdalena and others, not from a religious perspective, but rather through the process of working with ‘Ka’ energy, as it was called in Egypt, akin to the Vital Force, or Qi or Quantum force. Alize will teach classical homeopathy as an alchemical process based on the insights from philosophy, mythology, theology, mysticism, psychology, cosmology, astrology, biochemistry, and physics. She will elucidate the symbolism of the materia medica.

In this unique seminar, Alize will guide us on an experiential journey toward this state of wholeness and unity using a meditative process: Mental Attention + Personal Will = Intention, a practice that initiates specific “quantum events” in our body and mind. We will enter into the resonance of our remedies as she leads us on a path toward the re-discovery of the true self and the authentic power from which we can live and heal. Among the themes to be explored are moon influences and the endocrine system, and the qualities of the seven alchemical metals which Hahnemann taught to be the most important to prove and prescribe because they incarnate spirit to create the unity and wholeness of being.Some of the remedies presented in this seminar from the ancient wisdom perspective:Blue Lotus,Chocolate,Cobra,Crocodile,Hawk,Lac Felinum,Lac Humanum,Lac Leonine,Lac Lupi − Luna, Moonstone,Oxytocin,Pearl, Sanguis Menstrualis,Sepia,Tilia europaea.

In addition we will present the 7 alchemical metals and some of the uranium series remedies.