Treatment of trauma by Dr. Michal Yakir

21th September 2017

Dr. Michal Yakir (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Treatment of trauma by Dr. Michal Yakir
the seminar- homeopathy in Trauma will refer to need of our time: The immediate, acute homeopathic treatment was, for long, the most important first-line treatment homeopathy can offer. a skill we need to hone.

In our time, when people are being torn from their houses, uprooted, when people are affected from terrorist acts and at risk of attacks and violence, when accidents are abundant and when sudden fear is everywhere – that is where we intervene so easily with acute homeopathy. the seminar offer a concise outlook at acute treatment, which is differ from the chronic prescription. the severe, acute trauma can shake the patient out of his constitutional states, and this situation is calling for rapid prescription, for succession of remedies and for another set of acute, trauma remedies. and the homeopath should be prepared – as when an accident occurs – there is no much time left for wondering, one needs to act immediatly.

All this will be presented in this one day seminar.

Due to Yakir’s daily clinic and working with emergency care in refugee camps during war times, she is has the necessary experienced to work with traumas. +
it is a second seminar about treatment of trauma by Dr Michal Yakir in Berlin and will focus on treatment of chronic traumas. For being a participant of this seminar you must not have listen to her first seminar.

Thursday 12th October 2017


About Dr Michal Yakir

Dr Michal Yakir (PhD, RCHom), a classical homeopath, is former chair and present member of the managing Committee of the Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy, and editor of the association’s professional magazine „Homeopathic Times“. She teaches homeopathy at Campus Broshim Homeopathy School in Tel Aviv. Practicing Homeopathy for over 20 years, she specializes in Women’s health problems.After receiving her BA in Botany, Master’s degree in Biology and Ecology, she conducted a PhD research in Homeopathy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Medicine.

In her Doctoral thesis she examined the efficiency of Homeopathy in a clinical research of women’s problems. The research has been presented in Israel and abroad, in several seminars and congress, and published. (To read Research results – press here).

Based on her experience as a former botanist and current homeopath, Dr. Yakir developed the subject of the Order of plants in Homeopathy. Her book: “Order of plants – Amazing systematic” describes the relationship of plant evolution and morphology to human development and pathology, and is currently being translated into English.

Interview with Dr Michal Yakir: The Table of plants

Further Information

The seminar will be held in English with simultaneous translation into German.

Seminar Times

  • Thursday: 9.30 am - 1 pm and 2.30 pm - 5 pm (incl. coffee/tea breaks)

Seminar Location

Sigmaringer Str. at UCW
10713 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

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Seminar Fees

Last day of incoming payments for the "early-bird-fee": 20.7.2017

If you register and pay before 20.7.2017: 105 €
After this date: 120 € 

Cancellation fee until 20.7.2017: 75 € 
Cancellation fee from 21.7.2017 to 20.8.2017: 105 € 

Cancellations in the last four weeks before the seminar must either pay the complete seminar fee or find another seminar participant to take their place. 

This seminar might be certified with 7 points by the Berlin Association of Homoeopathic Doctors (BVhÄ) as an advanced training programme for doctors. For Heilpraktiker and other complementary medical practitioners, this seminar provides 7 advanced training teaching units.