Alize Timmerman

Alize initially graduated as a research assistant in Biochemistry. In 1980 she graduated at the Academy of Naturopathy in Amsterdam with special emphasis on Nutrition, Astrology and Classical Homoeopathy. From ’84 until ’87 she completed the international teacher training courses of George Vithoulkas and Vassilis Ghegas in Greece and England. Alize founded the Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands in 1988. From the start the Institute attracted leading Homoeopaths to teach in Holland, so a long queue of colleagues was introduced to the Dutch Homoeopathic Scene. Among these were Rajan Sankaran, Jonathan Shore, Jeremy Sherr, Jane Cicchetti, Misha Norland and many others. Together with Misha, Alize started an international working group of teachers, coming together once a year for four days to discuss recent developments in Homoeopathy and Homoeopathic teaching. In Holland, the Hahnemann Institute is an established Institute, offering, in addition to the seminars, in-service courses and a Master class program including a one-year stage in the Homoeopathic Clinic in The Hague. Alize is the rare example of the combination of a great Homoeopath, a gifted teacher and an interested, attentive person.